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Run Like Nya! Megawad (CLOSED)

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The date is June 9, 1984. A failed science experiment escapes from a secret government facility in Yonkers, New York, heading to the Bronx. What is this secret government experiment, you ask? Well, you wouldn't want to know...


Run Like Nya! is a Doom 2 megawad about kemonomimis (just google it) and other assorted anime creatures invading Earth in place of Hell's Army. The maps will feature actual places in 1980's Bronx (and possibly 80's Manhattan as well) being infested with anime. In the WAD, you will follow the story of an unnamed marine with the rank of Corporal (sound familiar?) as he ventures into the heart of this strange infestation to kick ass and chew gum.


And he's all out of gum.


The wad's too early in development to have a screenshot shown, let alone be released. I'm also attempting to assemble a team made up of:

- 2 Mappers (including me)

- 1 Scripter and 1 Pixel Artist (for the sprites)


List of Planned Enemies:


  • Nekomimis (both male and female)
  • Okamis (aka wolf versions of Nekomimis, both male and female)
  • More coming soon...


List of Planned Maps:

  • MAP01 "Unnamed": Partially Finished
  • MAP02 "Unnamed": Planned


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14 minutes ago, Walter confetti said:

anything to show for grabbing more attention?

Sadly, I don't. Like I said, I don't even have sprites for the enemies.

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5 hours ago, Walter confetti said:

Kemono friends the doom tc? Sounds fun!

Apart for the jokes, sounds like a funny mod... anything to show for grabbing more attention?

this sums of it perfectly. my recommendation is before posting it on here, you should have a decent starting block to show us.


there's a Doomworld quote about it, but i have not seen it used in a while and I forgot what it was. Also, I CBF to look it up right now.

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Unfortunately, I've discontinued this megawad due to the fact that it may be too hard for me to do.


Instead, I'll redo this project with regular Hell's Army invading NYC.

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