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Boom animation

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I dont understand this well how to do this? For example I have LAVAFALL1,2,3,4 - how to do? And I want include switchers too - how?

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well ya gotta hop on into slade, open up the wad with your textures in it, click on "archive" at the top, and then "new" and then "new ANIMATED"

this will create a boom animated lump for you friend


then, you click on it, click the little plus (+) button at the top of the window on the right, and now you have a new empty row for you to define your little lavafall!!


all you have to do is select whether it's an animated flat (floor/ceiling) or a texture (wall), how fast you want it to be (in tics (the typical doom texture is usually 8 tics, but you can do whatever you want)), and the first and last textures in the animation.


when you pick the first/last textures, you have to do it backwards, for some reason. so put your first texture under "last texture" and your last one under "first texture".


when you're finished, your row should probably look something like this (feel free to adjust the speed to your liking):


      Type     |  First Texture  |  Last Texture  |  Speed (Tics)     

  1: Texture |   LAVAFALL4   |    LAVAFALL1  |           8


i hope this helped!!! i'll provide screenshots if you need them :3


EDIT: OH GOODNESS i forgot about the switches!!! it's pretty much the same thing, but you select "new SWITCHES" instead of "new ANIMATED"!! the on/off columns seem to be backwards as well, but that doesn't matter with switches. under "type", i honestly dont know what it means. you can experiment with the different types, but i dont think they matter. if you wanna be safe, just do type 3 or something.

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