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a nice little map, reminded me of some classic 90s episode replacements. some texture misalignments and errors and whatnot, but that's to be expected i guess

i didn't record a demo because i'm a dummy


a screenshot for those interested (since you should always provide screenshots, no matter how small the map is. ya frickin lemon.)



a quick screenshot of the starting area (with monsters hastily killed)


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3 minutes ago, General Rainbow Bacon said:

Did you find the secrets?

i only found one, the one in the staircase you go up at the start ;~;


or maybe i found more, i dunno. i had 33% and i dont use secret notifications and i didn't look at the stats on the hud

why am i like this

i took 5 seconds to actually check and have verified that i only found one secret

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1 hour ago, General Rainbow Bacon said:

Yeah classic 90s was what I was going for.  Might make a few more small maps like this and make a pack.

By all means do so.

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Awesome map but I felt like the exit was a little ambiguous. Found it pretty much on accident.

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