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Using Doom 2 Iwad sprites/textures on a Doom 1 Pwad?


What's the concensus on using sprites and/or textures from Doom 2 and putting them on Doom 1 wads?

I know that the last version of Doom 1 and Ultimate Doom has some sprites from Doom 2 that are unused (Mancubus and Arachnotron projectiles, flaming barrel, etc).


Is it forbidden, let's say to put Mancubus sprites in a pwad for D1 so you can use that monster through Dehacked?

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It's technically copyright infringement, just like distributing sprite rips or sprite edits is, but unless you try to sell your wad or something weird no one actually cares.  If, for some reason, you were really adamant about upholding copyright law, the legal way to do this would be to instead distribute a program that made the user provide the relevant iwads, unpacked them, copied the relevant files, and packed them into the pwad.  That's real goofy though.

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