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[SLADE 3] SBARINFO Help part 2


I encounter this problem that quite frustrates me when I'm studying SBARINFO. I tried to import @Jimmy's font on it but it's seems not working and I got these errors:



Here I provides both my SBARINFO and FONTDEF lump script. perhaps I did something wrong somewhere.



base Doom;

statusbar Fullscreen, Fullscreenoffsets

// Health and armor

Drawimage "REDCROS", 80, -63;
Drawimage "SHIELD", 78, -35;
Drawnumber 3, STATUSFONT, untranslated, Health, alignment(center), 50, -62;
Drawnumber 3, STATUSFONT, untranslated, Armor, alignment(center), 50, -32;

//secret counter thingy, secrets and total secrets.

Drawnumber 3, STATUSFONT, untranslated, Totalsecrets, alignment(right), -5, -280;
Drawnumber 3, STATUSFONT, untranslated, Secrets, alignment(right), -30, -280;

//bullet tally thing


Drawimage "BULLET", -50, -240;


       0 STTNUM0
       1 STTNUM1
       2 STTNUM2
       3 STTNUM3
       4 STTNUM4
       5 STTNUM5
       6 STTNUM6
       7 STTNUM7
       8 STTNUM8
       9 STTNUM9
       % STTPRCNT    
       NOTRANSLATION 109	// don't touch the shadow color!


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Nevermind. I got it fixed. Again, I am an idiot that can't even see a slight mistake on the lump name.

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