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A small tribute to NoSkill (DM demo I put on YT)

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I really would have not have had any drive or even clue that I needed to drastically improve my deathmatch skills in the mid/late 90s if it wasn't for this man, Chris Crosby AKA NoSkill. I think I've "aged out" of being competitive in any FPS now (banging my head against  the wall in Quake Champions these days) but back in my teens, this LMP demo made a massive impression on me and once seeing it I realized that there was a whole different level of play to achieve. I give him credit for basically changing my gaming life and allowing me to learn how to be a better player then. It makes me sad that I never got to actually interact with him or have a DM session. He passed away in December 2001. 


I also thank Bahdko for keeping the doom2.net site up with the obituaries for NoSkill and others who have passed. I am also thankful to Ling for my avatar text because it's really a dedication to NoSkill and a memorial from me. My eyes are a little watery, haha, eally, this was a key moment in my nerdy teen life. 


It makes me wonder what kind of player he would have been today if this was something he stuck to. It's strange when you see people like him that are light years ahead of the competition early on - like how did he develop this early frantic/accurate twitch style then? Way ahead of his time. 


There are more demos of him playing, but I chose to record and upload this one (nos_ev.lmp) having watched it countless times even trying to mirror the movements by myself for days on end. Makes me wonder why I'm so terrible at modern FPS DM - can I even improve now? I actually saved this demo file on 3.5 floppy for a decade and eventually archived it onto disk hoping I would never lose it (so thanks again to Bahdko) for making it so easy to find. 




BTW- anyone know who his opponent was? (EvilGenius?) 




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Hello! I was wondering if you have any game play w Chris talking perhaps? He was my father and I’m just know learning how much of a prestigious FPS gamer he was before he died. If you do that would be amazing for me and my mother 

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