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ArcticaDooM, A snowy themed Doom 2 WAD I made.

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very first wad that I made that has custom textures! I think it turned out pretty good. And yes, all these textures in the wad are mine. I created them.


Have fun!!!!!1111111 These custom textures didn't really follow doom's color palette. The textures are kinda bad in Zdoom. So run this wad in GZDoom plz. Feedback is necessary. Plz tell me wut u think.


Wut theme wad should I do next? Plz tell me thanks k bye.



Edited by RokkiDoctor65

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Not a trollmap or terrywad despite certain appearances. 

Played keyboard-only as a handicap. Quite straightforward map even then. Monster placement is sort of 'meat in hallways'-ish in places. Since the RK has a trap, might as well spice it up at least a bit: two imps and two pinkies funneling towards you in a narrow corridor isn't much of anything. The two revenants and the imps were fun to fight this way though. On the visuals end, the custom textures are cute and there's some reasonably attractive stuff, but there's also periodic apathy towards texture alignment.


In the future: 


1) change the end of the Dropbox link to =1 for one-click downloads;

2) screenshots;

3) '!!!!!1111111', 'wut theme', 'Plz tell me thanks k bye', and so on make you come across as twelve, not the best idea when you want feedback on your wad. 

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Having a snow sky would definitely enhanced the overall theme of your level.

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It looks pretty good, but my main problem with it is that it was way too easy, i suck at Ultra Violence, but i never went under 50hp on UV in this map, and the placement isn't really interesting either.


Again, i'm not an expert in Doom maps and so this is just my opinion, don't take it too seriously.

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cant stress this enough: change that "dl=0" at your end of the dropbox link to a 1. works wonders. anyway, 



not a bad map in terms of layout or aesthetic. all is good there, but the devil's in the details. er, gameplay anyway. to echo the thoughts of those above, there's not really any interesting or challenging placement, and even on UV i found it a cakewalk. theres so much good you can do with this layout but it manages to be kinda boring mostly at fault of the very... eh, yeah not interesting or challenging placement. you have big wide open areas with just a few monsters here and there. it doesnt exactly work. but, a few tweaks here or there? a playtester to ensure youre making it still balanced? you've got a pretty dang good map on your hands. 


few final thoughts:


-RK section is kinda bland to look at. maybe a bit extra to look at, more impact on the trap once you pick it up.

-you had a really nice chance to have some monsters teleport in at the outside section upon opening the locked door up from a switch. would recommend looking into that.

-pretty sure it's on purpose but having your exit linedef being a plain wall texture would work better with a switch. 



uhhh yeah thats it


tl;dr- good map but suffers immensely from uninteresting gameplay. 

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