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SHRILK - A 90s Inspired Wad

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The 90s are back, with a vengeance!


This wad features 8 maps designed for speedrunning, but they also work casually.

Imagine a speedrunners obstacle course disguised in normal looking levels.

Made for complevel 9, tested in prboom+.

I should mention: This is kinda supposed to be played as an episode but pistol starts are ok too.





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this made me drink actual shrilk and i immediately began vomiting blood do not play 0/5


paid for and sponsored by https://www.twitch.tv/elmle

nevermind he called me a furry


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Well, these maps look short and simple enough.  I'll have to give 'em a quick play sometime later!

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I had so much fun playing this, so thank you. I really liked some of the design features.


I was caught by surprise by the berserk room, but that it was fun, well executed :)

I'm so cheesed at how I died though. I'm gonna blame it on demo recording because I hate the mouse movement ;)

Hopefully the demo helps so you can see what proclivities I had.


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The texture errors, they hurt my soul.


This sure was interesting to watch!

@Benjogami That red key, so close yet so far.


You even tried jumping to where it was, but you did it from the wrong spot!

Map03 is confusing and big I know, I could see the struggle.


@TacoTurtle Interestingly you actually used the chainsaw (even when you had so many unused rockets ;_;).

Were you using cl9?(is that even stored in demos?) Because on map03 a thing was supposed to happen that didn't and I find it unlikely that you skipped a linedef twice.

Also what a way to die.


I was told I may have gone overboard with soulspheres but oh well, it wasn't meant to be a super difficult wad anyway.


I could watch these all day...

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prboom-plus\prboom-plus.exe -file SHRILK.wad complevel 9 -skill 4 -record FDA


Seems I accidently deleted the - in the launch options... woops.

I'm gonna resume playing the other maps when I got some time, I'll chuck up a demo again.

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@TacoTurtle Wow. I've never seen the cyber on map6 actually come inside the building, I thought I blocked that off!


It was supposed to be a garden maze cyber battle!

There seemed to be some ammo problems on map5, I guess it might depend on where you go first.


You were shooting at the last switch at the cage but enemies got in the way, Rip.

As for map7, y-you don't get second tries on fda's do you?

Also I noticed there is a potential softlock that can happen on this level if you go a certain way, I should probably fix some things and upload a new version.


Not much to say about map8. I put a little bit of a hint to what you're supposed to do, maybe it wasn't enough(or maybe it was your tired/drunkenness?).


@loveless Please do post them, also make sure to download the version linked here since the one I sent you is a bit old(I don't think the one you have has map8).


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I have to admit I did like being locked out of the pre-cage battle, I wanted to go back and explore stuff, but nope, only one avenue to go. Surprise surprise I got trapped. I realised too late that I should have quelled down the hitscanners.

I'm gonna try doing them with savestates now, from map 1 onwards, so if there's anything I find that is a bug or is just plain outright broken I will let you know :)

If you want I can do another attempt at map7 if that helps you out :)

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