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I saw that TNS hosted a compilation wad last week (TNSC2007.wad). Apparently there is more of these wads (TNSC2003.wad, TNSC2006.wad). I wonder if there are other wads of this flavour and where I can get them. I hope they did not get lost in time. The one I tried (2007) seemed very good to me.  I found links for some others, but they appear to be dead.


Here I found it:


I like compilations or at least .wad's with more than just several wads (not to speak of megawads), because they more serve the purpose of hosting a server and making it more attractive.


best regards.

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I've been meaning to make more of these for years. I really like how they work in multiplayer. This thread motivates me a bit so thanks. :)

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Well, then let me just put some more salt in the wound :)


I've been hosting some wads for a couple of years, and I follow this forums to pick up the new stuff that comes out. I said it before, on a server it is better to have more than one map, since it is more attractive for various reasons.


If only one map at a time gets hosted, then i see player A passing by, then player B, player C..... They never get to play together, since player A will not rejoin and play together with player B and C, cause player A already has beaten the map and is looking for something new (which is quite logic).


When hosting multiple maps at the same type, this is less the case. Player A will rejoin the wad when player B enters and eventually they will redo some maps TOGETHER. That is the very basic of coop play.


Also people will not quit the wad after the map finishes, since there is more to explore after finishing a wad. Lastly, no one (few people) will join a one map wad, when someone is playing, because the player currently on the map will just leave the server after the map finishes. Player B who entered and had to wait (survival mode) will just have waited for nothing. He gets to play alone after all.


Why such a long explanation for such an obvious thing you might ask. Because to me it is a pity that there are so many single wads out there that support coop/survival, but never get hosted for the reasons i stated.


That is a real pity.


There are some elements that make it hard to me for compilations:

- I never have opened a wad in my life with Doombuilder, and Slade in my language just means "Salad". And i like to eat salad;

- there may be legal issues (you cant just compile some maps and create a megawad of it without agreement of the creator;

- maps use a variety of formats that are not combined easily

- for good gameplay all maps will need to be reworked to have pistolstarts, since the next map would be designed for it (logically)


I have no answers, but just a remark for all those mappers that put their creativity, time and efforts in making quality maps: Combine, bundle and compile....


I have nor the time, skill and knowledge, but a yearly compilation of wads of the year should be a nice idea. Maybe such a project could be integrated in the Cacowards, i dunno, just an idea.


Enough for now






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On ‎13‎/‎07‎/‎2017 at 1:28 AM, Empyre said:

How about 12-in-1 (pk3, 115 MB)? There is also a patch for it (wad, 32 KB).

You misread man, I was talking about compiling "single" wads, not compilations of Megawads. Compilations of about to be forgotten multiplayer wads.

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