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Agents of Mayhem is coming out in a month. What are your current thoughts on it?

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I'm hoping to get opinions on it from fans of the older Saints Row games, but anyone is welcome to share their views on the trailers and gameplay leaks so far. I honestly think it's a neat looking game with a great idea and good connection to the Saints Row universe. Some people might be against it's launch due to it not having the iconic past characters but it's a fresh idea to me, and possible a lot of other people too.

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Never heard of it before now. Looks good in a futuristic Saint's Row sort of way. The fact that I just didn't hear about it makes me wonder about their publicity or lack there of.


Knowing it has the Saints Row pedigree will probably guarantee a good game not to mention the fact it will be $5 and then GOTY bundled within a year.

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