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Dr. Ivan

ITT: Writing Doom Demonology

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I'll start.


Zombiemen, Former Sergeants, and Former Commandos are treated like dirt by higher-ranked demons. They're usually used as cannon fodder or as a distraction in battles. They are also used for sacrifices, or maybe as a snack for the hungry Pinkies.


The reason why you see humans strung up in walls or on the ceiling is because, well, there aren't any restaurants in hell. They just leave them up if any demons get hungry.

As to why Barons of Hell are hung up, is to honor them. Barons are a pretty strong breed of demon, so to remember them, they put their body up in an important place. (Like the Tower of Babel.)


If you want to write some, go for it. I'll be back every once and awhile to contribute.

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1 hour ago, Dr. Ivan said:

As to why Barons of Hell are hung up, is to honor them. Barons are a pretty strong breed of demon, so to remember them, they put their body up in an important place.

Sounds like something a baron would say. 






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The strung-up humans as food theory works due to the pantry in Map 27.



-All demons treat all other demons with minor contempt. In friendly fire incidents it turns into full blown rage and infighting begins.

-Hell in fact has factories in which various demons are fitted with cybernetics. Doomguy just hasn't visited any yet.

-I find it strage that the Hell Knight and Baron have no air of leadership or regality at all despite their names. They just feel like stronger cannon fodder.

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Demonic spirits have mass cloned themselves and we ended up having multiple watered down versions of these spirits as our enemies. All the zeddites are in fact the "air demon" or "gas demon" spirit clones mass invading and possessing people, however, since they are really watered down, zeddites are not like deadites who can talk, think and be super strong so they are just behaving like remote controlled zombies.


Imps came from the "dirt demon" a malevolvent spirit of planets (hot cores and earth crusts anyone?), so they are usually bit more tough and can spit fireballs coming from their "mini core" (organs closest to the solar plexsus)


Pinkies came from the "beast demon", spirit of hunts and... gnawing down meat like dogs.


Following this logic it should be obvious that Spider Masterminds are not the masterminds, they are just computers for the big shit. Super computers walking and armed with Vulcan miniguns, but no less.


Cyberdemons are in chrage of training and directing clones who cannot receive SMM's instructions well (pinkies, lost souls, imps, hell barons, basically monsters without cybernetic input), They would occasionally strut along the area and cyber whack any clone who is slacking at their station. That is why every monster is so prepped and revved up by the time Doomguy gets there. They had been all told to await their certain death.


The Icon of Sin would be a actual "demonic spirit", or a proxy of one, who had been adapted into the corporeal world by all the evil techie stuff. This in turn would dampen his powers a bit as he couldn't attack Doomguy directly without tearing down 6-7 buildings with one swing, Godzilla style, so he sends in the clones to deal with him.


Lost souls are living bullets, a mishap during the cloning process, as lost souls are meant to charge once and "devour" the target, like collide with it, and make it implode into itself, or teleported into literal hell, but the corporeal world had them turn into real heavy, real tough, flying skulls on fire, which can linger around after firing.


I would say Archviles come from the whoever Icon of Sin happens to be a proxy of. They cannot create but they can revive. And if we could consider the Brutal Doom version of Icon of Sin, then the connection would make much more sense, as fireballs and everything. Yeah.

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Hellspawn will often chisel out bas reliefs of their leaders in the hopes of escaping from the most dreadful of assignments known as closet duty.  


Barons were hung up not out of honor, but as a consequence of the overwhelming embarrassment the Cyberdemon felt towards them following their numerous failed attempts at Phobos Anomaly and beyond. 

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Cacodemons are born inside of round, dark green eggs. The material of the outer shell is similar to what human nails are made out of. The eggs are hatched 7-8 weeks after being delivered. When the babies are about to hatch, their horns quickly shoot out from inside of the shell, breaking it rather quickly. (Side note: the fluids inside of the eggs are corrosive. Watch your hands!) Similar to Guinea Pigs, baby Cacodemons already know how to float from birth. From then on, the Cacodemons live the rest of their life until they die from natural causes. (Or a few buckshots.)

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Due to the efforts of the UAC and the UAAF we have been able to get a better understanding of the so-called "other" world and it's hostile inhabitants. There are many strange properties of this world, one particular thing to note are the wormholes act as a link between our two worlds. The immediate area surrounding the "anchor point" in the other-world takes on characteristics native to our world and vice versa. The other world is a great nebulous void with countless continent sized landmasses suspended in nothingness. Ancient ruins of unknown origin stand silent in the darkness, long deserted by their architects whom have vanished. A location we have nicknamed the Eldritch Shrine has strange glyphs written on it. Our team used a combination of forbidden texts and a universal translator to understand some of it. 


In the beginning there were six ancient titan beings whom created existence from their dreams. In these worlds they formed life and let these worlds flourish with it. However the youngest of the ancients, the sixth titan did not agree with putting the creations of his siblings on a pedestal. In his jealousy he lashed out and destroyed one of the worlds. In retaliation the other ancients beheaded the youngest one and tossed his decapitated body into a blazing sun. The head was buried in the other world to suffer in silence for eternity. To this day nobody knows the whereabouts of the five ancients who vanished. 


However the youngest titan was not dead, and for that miserable epoch of time his will and determination to lash out took hold of his mind. He was able to physically manifest a terrible will into existence.  The "demons" as some have taken to calling them are creatures willed into existence. Throughout the other world are pools of black bubbling tar where demonic embryos manifest and develop. The gestation period is incredibly fast, a demon can grow to full size in a 24 hour period. It is understood that demons are immortal, but can be killed through accidental or violent means.


Below is a list of the other world creatures as named by the researchers. I personally see these creatures as the living embodiment of chaotic evil.


Former Human: It has been observed countless times that any human killed by a demon can be resuscitated by an unseen force assuming the spinal cord and brain are intact. They operate on a limited human intelligence, remnants from their former lives and seek out to destroy enemies of their masters.


Imp: They are at the bottom of the demon hierarchy and serve as workhorses for  the demonic hordes. However they are cunning creatures who take delight in being mischievous and tormenting their enemies. It has been noted that they are perfectly capable of mimicking human speech in order to lure victims into traps only to meet gruesome death by claws and cohesive plasma.


Bullpig: Some of the researchers have taken to calling them 'demons', but it is evident that these are the berserkers of the eldritch horde who run amok given the chance. In their single minded rage they have been witnessed tearing through groups of human fighters with little regard to it's own well being. There is another kind of Bullpig nicknamed the Spectre. They are the semi-invisible cousins of the above mentioned Bullpig, Spectres are masses of transparent inky blackness who thrive in stalking their prey in dark environments. They are also much more intelligent  than their more visible counterparts and use their stealth to their advantage.


Baron of Hell: Intimidating monstrosities whom most resemble the sixth ancient titan, their progenitor. It is believed that they were the first demons to be physically willed into existence. They are highly aggressive and incredibly territorial, so much so that they have been known to turn on each other and crucify the offender in territorial disputes. There is a lower order of the Barons, the Hell Knights, who are juvenile Barons still in development. They are revered by the lower forces and have stone reliefs in their images.


Lost Soul: It has been long suspected that these fiery beings are the unseen force which is responsible for the creation of former humans. If a vessel has not been possessed, they will eventually coalesce into a being of fire and bone.


Cacodemon: A terrible nightmarish race of behemoth creatures consisting of wriggling flesh and horns. Capable of aerial motion without wings they float through the air like silent sentinels with the capability of belching bolts of electricity. They are an incredibly dangerous foe observed to live within massive towers of obsidian where they spend most of their time. It has been noted they are deadly foes to the Baron race of demons, in times of combat it has been observed that they will often forget about human combatants and turn their rage on each other.


Pain Elemental: A living gateway of sorts, within this creatures very body is a portal which Lost Souls are summoned from. While the Pain Elemental is an offshoot of the Cacodemon race, they are shunned by them and do not inhabit the towers of obsidian. Instead they dwell within the subterranean vaults of the other world. They are actually feared by other demons because if enraged they are capable of spawning overwhelming fleets of Lost Souls.


Archvile: Sometimes referred to as a Firewalker and sometimes Pumpkinhead. Comparable to a force of nature, the Archvile is truly feared by the minions of the other world. It is capable of widespread destruction with it's powerful ability to control fire, but also capable of reviving and healing other demons. Truly a bipolar being. One human fighter who managed to escape with his life was found repeating to himself  a poem.


Keep away from the Archvile,
Unless you're tired of living,
His enemies are mostly dead,
He's mean and unforgiving,
Laugh at him and you're undone,
But in some dreadful fashion,
Vengeance, he considers fun!


Cyberdemon: These techno terrors are believed to be the first artificially 'manufactured' creatures from the other world. It has been suspected that they are genetically based on the Baron race of demons but have been physically enhanced in strength and size. They are than fitted with stolen UAC cybernetic limbs and fitted with a UAC dropship rocket launcher. 


Spider Mastermind: A bloated squat mass of pulsating flesh with vestigial limbs and a hateful face. This 'pod' creature has been fitted onto a UAC Mars crawler chassis armed with stolen UAC weaponry. It has been confirmed that these spider demons act as a psychic conduit for the 'demon hordes'. The Arachnotron is a juvenile Mastermind. It is believed that the Spider Mastermind is responsible for the manufacturing of the cybernetic subset of demons.


Mancubus: This shambling nightmare is an incredibly offensive mass of protoplasm. These abominations are another race of demons whom have been cybernetically enhanced with stolen UAC technology. They are cursed with an insatiable hunger much like the sixth ancient who has an insatiable appetite for revenge.


Revenant: The Revenant is a type of former human who have been taken by the Spider Mastermind and subjected to ghoulish surgery where the resulting creature is a rage driven being with little to no memories of their previous life.

Edited by Piper Maru

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