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Recommended Computer Specs for GZDoom Builder and PCSX2?

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I am thinking about buying a gaming computer but I have no clear idea of what specs I should aim for. I was working on a project 3 years ago before my laptop broke and I still have the data so I want to continue working on it. I was using GZDoom Builder and GZDoom with a good few 3D Floor usage and large rooms with loads of "things" and some scripting. I also want to be able to use PCSX2 (mainly Gauntlet Dark Legacy) so I need to know if I really need to spend more then £600 (or if that in itself is overkill). I am also going to get a monitor with it along with a mouse/pad, keyboard and preferable black and red is my colour style but I will accept other options too


Thank you in advance for helping

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For GZDoom and emulators you need a strong CPU mostly. So you should get a PC with 8gb RAM and spend twice the amount of money on the CPU than on the video card.

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