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Harvest - on /idgames

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I tried playing the wad, but it's way too hard for me, so don't count on me being a tester :P

But since I looked at a couple of maps and they looked really beautiful, I wanted to ask what texturepack did you use?

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@Lorenz0cc4tex and few from Deus Vult, Epic2, Hell Ground, Wolf3D, Dark Forces 2, and even some custom. There is really many sources.


I am considering to make some kid version of this, where monsters will have only 1/4 health so this will be more appealing for people - almost nobody dares, thats a problem :D, so it doesnt even pay off by invested time. I will have to do that.

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@NinjaLiquidator If you're creating a slaughterwad, you have to know that most casual players aren't going to pass them. Some wads are just designed to be really hard, and they are made for hardcore players, there's nothing wrong with that. I don't think that making a mode where monsters have 1/4 will be more appealing, it seems a bit silly tbh.

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@Lorenz0Skill 1 will have monsters like that. Also, I made it as speedmaps and I had in mind that it must be time-efficient, so I wanted the best ratio of

my time : (average play time)/(number of players)

and failed miserably

The fact I have chosen slaughter (to increase play time), in fact massively decreased number of players almost to 0, so I fucked it up by that decision

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1 hour ago, NinjaLiquidator said:

I am considering to make some kid version of this, where monsters will have only 1/4 health so this will be more appealing for people - almost nobody dares, thats a problem :D, so it doesnt even pay off by invested time.

MonsterHealth = 0.25 in MAPINFO.  

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9 hours ago, NinjaLiquidator said:

Just tested on glboom. You idclipped, but if you played normally you arent supposed to be there. If you got there anyway, post vid.

lol i didnt know,thought it was accessible :P

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Tested with prboom-plus comp level 9

Map 01 - Well first off.. why does the screen turn blind red if you take a big hit? You cant recover from that as you can see nothing at all and die 90% of the time after.

The encounter after the first area you can walk on the ledge to trigger the walls up and then move back and pick off monsters from the first area - not sure if this is intended. 
You can hit the yellow key switch from here (screenshot) and skip the fight.
You can also go through this window (screenshot) to run out of the area ( not sure if thats intended since you put a vile near the raising skin platforms)
Not possible to max the map - bunch of monsters dont teleport in for the yellow key fight - think it was 282/302 monsters killed then i idcliped to trigger them in their closets to see where they would teleport.. which was the yellow key room.


Map 02 - If you unpeg the lower and upper wall textures they wont go up and down when this door opens/closes. (screenshot) Well the map seemed good but a lot easier then 01.


Map 03 - Maybe throw in a green armor at the start - in theory you would have some from the previous map but there is no armor in this map until the last encounter
The last fight.. I believe i saw Loveless comment on it that it was clearly ment for zdoom/ no inf height etc but (assuming this fight wasn't changed) it is doable in boom - took me like 30 mins to beat it. You stand your ground on the one side with the rocket launcher until you run out of rockets, then assuming your playing continuous you should have plasma/plasma gun to take out a few more, then the hard part is trying to go get more rockets with the plasma/ or ssg i was able to get more rockets then return to my stand off position. If you want to balance this fight more so for boom perhaps give the player 100 rockets at the start so they dont have to get ammo as quickly or some cells at the start 


Map 04 -The spectres are stuck at the start.
The last fight would of been "ok" if you get rid of the 4 viles that come at the end...you can however just go to the exit switch ( im not sure if it opens the exact time the viles come out or not) I did the fight with a couple mid saves. So its possible. But yeah you should probably remove the viles at the end or make the pillars a little wider for cover at least.


Map 05 - why is this in your slaughter wad? :thinking face emoji: got bored after humping walls for 2 mins and theres only 2 monsters in the map anyway... skipped.

ill try to finish the other 2 maps later/tomorrow

Overall it was fun so far




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@BdubzzzThanks for review! I will fix those mistakes.

I didnt know about so many shortcuts in map01 but lets leave them here, if the player is clever its also a part of natural selection ;)

Map03 is possible when you camp in the vents, but you discovered cooler way and thats good stuff. It will get SSG, plasma and cells.

Map04 will maybe go if you run to exit and then shoot everything from that room so you dont awake viles? This map will get plasmagun.

Map05 isnt that hard if you can jump. It is platforming one.

Map06 carefully with that one. Is doable only by AV-jump but I will probably redo it to be normal.

Map07 well that shouldnt be a problém.

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Wait, they rejected it because it has unused textures, or they rejected it because it uses cc4-tex? Both of those sound like terrible reasons.

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My couple solo maps used cc4-tex and they never been rejected. Try use slade maintenance tool and check for iwad texture duplicates. 

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"Rejected harvestx.zip because: cc4-tex textures included, but cc4-text.wad itself is also embedded inside harvestx.wad, please remove the duplicate and reupload"


Dont know what they want from me, but I removed unused ones and I will see

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