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First post, first map offering to DooMworld.

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Why not vanilla...


I'll edit this post when I play the map, l00ks n33t.


ZDoom 2.8.1 FDA with lots of cheating attached, HMP skill. On my first try I got 47% kills which pissed me off, so I tried to find the secret with all the monsters... and I did!


Nice map, the

optional key and the area

were cool, the combat was cool (because I cheated lol), the detailing was cool, everything was cool. :]


9/10 from me, don't stop! :]


(Also please forgive the cheating, I rarely play Doom without that nowadays.)


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Solid effort for a first map. It turns out this map works in prBoom+, but there is just one minor error: a wall that is unnecessarily constructed from zero-height sectors made of two-sided linedefs, which prevents the secret key switch from being accessed. With classic behavior, doors will open to eight below the next adjacent sector, which means eight units below the ground here, hence the door's non-functionality. I fixed that in an edited version for myself (it doesn't even change how the map looks -- the walls are made of a single texture to begin with), so that I could record a casual max for it in prBoom+. 





The optional secret fight is a good trope, one that is executed well here, with a soulsphere and decent amount of plasma ammo for handling the rest of the map if done well. But the map is so short that on my first playthrough I felt 'What? that was it' upon not finding this, and reaching the exit and seeing so many monsters still alive. I think below a certain level of brevity in a map, extensive optional content can have that effect. That isn't to say make the optional content mandatory, but that the rest of the map could be fleshed out (i.e. not padded) more. It doesn't even need any truly new areas, really -- the starting combat (everything before the lowering walls trap) could be made a bit more sophisticated, with a few more sources of pressure. Currently it's mostly a threat-less turkey shoot that wouldn't be too out of place in map01 of a conventional megawad. 


The fights are okay. The secret PR fight could probably have two PEs in place of an equal number of barons, as is you can mostly ignore the goat horde until you decide to clean them up. The optional baron tysoning is optional. Visually this is solid, although the hexagonal structures, which look fine in the screenshots, look odd (and improperly scaled) from many in-game angles. I think they could use a better sense of depth -- some similar structures free-standing behind the main wall, for example. The lighting variation is serviceable but quite subdued. Don't be afraid to go down to 96 (or even lower) for shadowy areas, 112-128 for dark rooms (afaik the lowest this map goes is 144), and all the way up to 256 near light sources. Compare Blood Temple, with lots of uniformity, to map19 of Sunlust. The impassable lines in the blue armor secret are kind of tacky, given that it's obviously a way to prevent the player from skipping progression. I'd work a railing into the visuals (on both sides) so that it makes sense. I'd also allow the player to backtrack from the final area in case they want to find the secrets and the rest of the content in a single playthrough. The exit switch could also be marked with an exit sign, to removal all ambiguity on that front. With so many monsters alive, I thought there might be a fight left.


Edit: there's also a path to get stuck behind the rocks in the start area. The inconsistency with impassable lines, and also impassable lines blocking off jumps it 'looks' like you can make, just as a bandaid for potential stuckiness, is somewhat tacky. I'd try to come up with more natural-looking solutions. 


Anyway, keep it up. Looking forward to seeing your next effort.


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22 minutes ago, bzzrak said:

Why not vanilla...


Actually, this looks limit removing to me, unless there's some zero-tagged effects which I did not look for. The map is Doom format and uses no Boom specials and no port specific lump.


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Thank you to everyone who has replied so far. Your map making tutorials have been helpful Linguica, and I've still got plenty to finish reading, so I'll make sure to read them all before starting my next project.

Thank you for the extensive and informative reply rdwpa! I'm at work sending this, so I can't send an extensive reply, but I'm going to sit down with a notepad this evening and list all the areas for improvement. I do need to work on my lighting in particular. It's an area I've not delved into too extensively, but I will take more time on it in the future. I will send a better reply later when I have the time, but thank you very much for the feedback.

PS: Thanks for doing the demo! It's useful to see how you travel through the map, and fun to watch.


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Stumbled here. A rather fun and brutal (at least for me) map on UV I also liked the visuals. Only error I found: I fall into an inescapable section on the west side near the start while exploring the outside. Aside from that a really good first map for sure

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Thank you for playing the map and giving some feedback Paul, its very much appreciated. Rdwpa also spotted the areas where you can get stuck, but thank you for confirming this. I'm keeping it in mind for my current project and making sure the outside areas are constructed a lot better. I'd never built a starting area like this previously, so its been very helpful for people to point out the inconsistencies so I can improve my maps, and pay close attention to the design phase so everything fits together well.

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