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How do I put monster wads in a pk3?

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I have a map pack coming up and it's going to have alot of realm 667 custom monsters. Slade porting the monsters into my wad isn't working, so I need to find out what type of directory I need to make in a pk3 so it'll be recognized and be be easier to load and develop with. because there's a total of 58 custom monsters that are going to be featured in this megawad. It's also being developed along side a brutal halo mod I commissioned from sergeant mark-IV via patreon. so if someone can tell me what directory to make or if there is a realm 667 monsters pk3 floating around that would be helpful.

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Basically paste the monster file into your wad in slade. Chubzdoomer have a tutorial for it. 

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Personally, I would extract all 58 decorate files, rename them to *.txt, put txt files in /Decorate, and then create a file called "Decorate.txt" and in it I would use #include to include all 58 decorate files.

Why can't people use a select few monsters and not bloat their damn mods?

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