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Bots in Zandronum

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I'm not sure where to exactly put this, so I'll slap it into DoomGeneral.


I've been planning on making a few custom bots for Zandronum, and I've even used them in my server. Though I'm getting mixed complaints about the bots, and I want to adjust them so they're challenging, but don't have godlike-aimbot accuracy.


People have told me they're both too hard, and too easy. Sometimes even getting both complaints from the same person.


I just wanna know, what do people think would make a bot well, a good bot for playing with? If necessary, I can add a download to the bots and instruct how to use them in Zandronum.

Edited by AdirBlaz : typo.

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15 hours ago, Xyzzy01 said:




I believe you change the "accuracy" value.

Alright. I've decided to settle with varied accuracies between the two bots. One uses accuracy 4, the other uses accuracy 3. I'll likely toy around with other stuff though.

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On 7/17/2017 at 0:06 PM, Xyzzy01 said:

[Information here.]

Sorry to throw up a necro, but you wouldn't happen to know how to get bots to chat at all? I know I need to create a "Chatlump" but I'm not exactly sure on how to do it. It may be my lack of knowledge, but I don't get exactly clear info from some guides on getting bots to chat.


Should I create a whole new entry like this?


Or how else should I do this?

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Yeah, I think that's right. Did you state e.g. "chatlump = CHATLUMP" in BOTINFO?


Also I just found this thread in the Zandronum forums, but it might help.

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Yeah, I plan to give each bot their own special 'CHATLUMP' if it doesn't hurt the server or anything.


And yes, that guide helps much better.

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On 7/18/2017 at 11:42 AM, Xyzzy01 said:

[info, again.]

So now I'm coming across a new problem.

All the bots can say their lines perfectly, except this one.

"Well ouch."
"Nice aim."
"Shot down!"
"Put out!"
"\cnI'm just a cosplayer!"
"\ckI heard Adir can't even beat me..."
"I don't know where everybody is..."
"This is mean!"
"Oh hey!"
"Oh hello!"
"Shutup Dalv!"
"Siv, can you teach me to shoot like that?"
"What is this place?"
"What's going on?"

Is there something wrong with any of these lines? Mira keeps saying nothing but a single word of each line. I've tried re-typing them and even entirely re-creating his chatlump. But nothing fixes it so far.

Edited by AdirBlaz : Pasted full text, not just a tiny picture.

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