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Caffeine Freak

'Demon Exterminator'

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I made a map. Go play it if you desire. 




Description: The UAC has called you in to clean up a demonic infestation. Leave no traces. No check-points here. One life.


Setting is in a UAC industrial-type facility (think along the lines of the early SP campaign levels.) Gameplay settings are designed to approximate Nightmare mode, in terms of enemy health, damage, enemy numbers, and pick-ups. Health/armor capacity starts off the same as in the campaign mode. I took a great deal of time and care tweaking and balancing the gameplay. I've played through the level countless times in testing, and I still die sometimes.


Detail level is pretty high. All the memory limits in Snapmap are pretty much pushed to their max in this map. Not much in the way of custom geometry. 


There are no checkpoints. If you die, that's it. Start over. Yes, I'm aware that kind of sucks in a way, but it was honestly the only feasible way to do this with the way the map is set up. I took a long time coming to that decision.


I would post screenshots, but I've been having trouble posting them on this new forum, and I don't want to deal with that particular headache right now.

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