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GitHub help.

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I need to know how to compile files that I download from GitHub into a .wad or .pk3 file. I keep getting these master-.zip folders with all the individual files inside. Some repositories have .pk3 or 4 converter .bat files. And that's great and all, but there are those that do not. And I cant figure it out on my own. I don't know if its how im phrasing it in my google searches or what, but I need some help.


Thanks to anyone that could assist me with this.


These two are recent files I am trying to get





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For Blasphemer, you'll need Deutex >:D

Download the repo. You should have a file called Blasphemer-master.zip or something.

Extract it.

Download Deutex 4.4.902 or the new 5.0.0 and place exe into the filder where Blasphemer is extracted.

Run Deutex and type in this:

deutex -iwad -make wadinfo.txt blasphem.wad

I recommend looking at this branch of Blasphemer instead: https://github.com/Blasphemer/blasphemer/tree/experimental

Zauberer's repo is still a WIP and won't work. It's going to use Deutex eventually.

Consider yourself fortunate that it wasn't the Freedoom repo. That is another story.

Edited by Voros

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Well I tried Deutex and im not able to use it. On win 7 - 64bit.


Gives me errors when trying to use it. And wintex doesn't work for me either.

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Which version are you using? 4.4.902 or 5.0.0? 4.4.902 is the DOS version, while 5.0.0 is Windows (32-bit IIRC).

Did you put the EXE along side the the Blasphemer data? Eg


Or like this:


Which is wrong.

What error do you get?

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