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Freedoom Phase 1 E3M4 Refresh

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Good map, and 100% Vanilla compatible. I would like to specify three things.


Honestly, I don´t see the point on putting one secret normal armor when this map already contains two normal armors, so that one discovers one secret to get nothing special. At least, this secret should contain another secret heavy armor, in my opinion.


When the crushers of the final corridors are activated, items of these corridors float in the air.


The switch custodied by the first bruiser won´t permanently open its associated door for the sake of better flow, as suggested previously.

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Finnaly i did it. RC4

K: 98% I: 87% S: 28% T: 15:44

http://www.geocities.ws/p/r/protox/FreeDoom/Others/e3m4demo.lmp (PrBoom) Note: Every demo posted replaces the older one


From playability i found just some misplaced textures, and some dificult in the outside area being so tight in heights like you cannot ever see the stairs to return from the otherside but its minor, i dont find all secrets but i tried to 100% now id like to leave more suggestions: (if you already did them sorry)


Block players to open door and add a teleport for the red key area, so players must teleport inside to help fight them, not to rescue the players traped there.

Rocket launcher area in automap has some coloring issues, i'm not sure if its secret ouver secret but it gives a fake or real hint.

That curve whit 2 shotgunners traped waiting to caught you if you look close the corner of wall there's a misplaced wood texture there. (i spoted it in demo, there's others around too but very minor)

The beggining is much frustating in vannila "freelook" since you cant look down or cross ouver the due infinite tall actors make there a pain to do easily. (this is just a suggestion anyway)


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UV 100%/100%/100% demo (-gameversion ultimate or -complevel 3) recorded with Chocolate Doom: http://www.mediafire.com/?lar1mu8cd9l9877


I have no complaints by now.


Well, I actually have two minor suggestions:

Could you change orientation of the very first enemies so that they aren´t initially activated?

Also, I would add somewhere one plasma / energy weapon, to take advantage of that large cell / energy pack. And add one or two additional large cell / energy packs. It´s the fourth slot of the third episode, so why not? Shotgunning bruisers is boring.

Edited by Litrivin : Add two suggestions / fix typo

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It's challenging and oddly fun to play. The surprise monster encounters, the short-and-simple platforming section, the overall layout and design, all complemented each other IMO.

Initially, I thought the the map would turn out too techy for E3, but this is the right kind of tech-and-hell.

I'm against the "using a plasma weapon for bruisers".

The fact that I have to shotgun/chaingun the bruisers down felt exhilarating for me, and that's not a very common feeling when I play a map. Although, it would be cool that the switch that unleashes the bruisers also opens creates some more space (such as lowering/raising parts of the sector that surround the exit. Uses too much void space here anyway).

I have no big complaints either, on HMP that is.

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On 9/17/2017 at 1:11 PM, uhbooh said:

RC5 is pretty good. Saves don't work in vanilla but besides that it's done.

huh, I can't even get freedoom to work in vanilla. Just stalls at wad load. Using dosbox might be a reason but anyway. Should use chocolate at least.

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