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Hello again. I just got ahold of Ultimate Doom (borrowed the CD from a friend of mine, took it home and installed it), and so far (about E2M1) it rocks!! So what's the problem? Keep reading.

Well, I've tried to get Doom Legacy, which I have just downloaded running. I have tried all day to get it to run and it just won't happen. I have the Ultimate Doom IWAD inside the Launcher, but the damned thing just keeps telling me:
Found response file doomargs.tmp!
2 command-line args:
Game mode indeterminate.

What is wrong here? Is it a corrupted file or something? Tell me what it is I am doing wrong!

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The iwad has to be in the same folder as the legacy.exe. Plus it should be an unaltered/unpatched iwad.

Try it without the launcher, just double click the legacy.exe. It should work. What version of legacy are you trying to use?

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TWO command line arguments? That means that Legacy is being fed the -IWAD command twice and it's confusing it. Something is wrong with your launcher, and not to be a dick but it's most likely something that you messed up.

Double clicking legacy.exe should do it, though, Petey's right.

If I may be so bold, try the latest beta of ZDoom instead... you might like it better.

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