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Caffeine Freak

Easter Egg in Delta Labs 4.

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So, I spotted this some years ago when browsing through Delta Labs 4 in Radiant, and I honestly don't believe I've ever seen it mentioned anywhere. If you'll recall, Delta Labs 4 is the last level before Hell---the very short level where the walls and floors are literally soaked in blood, skeletons litter the floor everywhere, and there is blood graffiti covering the walls in words such as 'DIE, SUCCUMB, SUFFER, BURN'. At the end of the very last section of hallway, just to the left of the door leading to the chamber housing the main portal, is a short sentence, written in a much smaller font than the other writing. The flashlight beam in the pic below is centered directly over it:  




Wait, what is that? Let's get a bit closer...




In case you still can't make it out, the message reads 'you laugh it works'.


Cue the ominous music.

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