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help for conversion

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i need 



A_CustomRailgun(Random(100,250),0, "Blue", "White",RGF_FULLBRIGHT|RGF_SILENT,1,0,"GasterHurter",0,0,0,0,20.0,1.0,"GasterParticle")



in a weapon 



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I'm assuming you know how to make a weapo in Decorate.

In the Fire state, add that piece of code to any of the frames.
And example:

   TNT1 A 1 A_CustomRailgun(Random(100,250),0, "Blue", "White",RGF_FULLBRIGHT|RGF_SILENT,1,0,"GasterHurter",0,0,0,0,20.0,1.0,"GasterParticle")
   TNT1 A 1 A_Refire

WARNING: You need to define "GasterHunter" and "GasterParticle" also.

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yes but a_customrailgun is for monster



i need for a weapon with A_railattack


thanks anyway

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In that case:

A_RailAttack(Random(109,250),0,1,"Blue","White",RGF_FULLBRIGHT | RGF_SILENT,0,"GasterHurter",0,0,0,0,20,1,"GasterParticle")

Should do it.

Note: Uses ammo.

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