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Tossing ideas around: Automated server hosting for other Doom ports?

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So as many multiplayer doomers know, TSPG and AusDoom (and previously, best-ever) allows automated Zandronum server hosting for users via IRC. This is of course really convenient as it allows people to put up what WADs they want, when they want. I think there is some room for improvement in terms of user interface and overall security, but the service itself is excellent and helps keep online Doom alive (which, duh, is something I approve of.)


I'd really like to see this idea brought over to other Doom ports, namely, ZDaemon and Odamex. Beyond tossing some ideas around with mrcrispy and AF-Domains respectively, there is 0 progress on this, but I just wanted to get the idea out there and perhaps get some feedback and thoughts from others. I have a hunch that BestBot could be adapted to work with ZD and/or Oda, even if some changes in functionality are necessary. It could be interesting seeing this adapted for use with other Doom ports.


I just wanted to put the idea out there - If you don't throw some seeds around, nothing will grow. I also want to gauge community interest! I definitely think this could help to grow the multiplayer Doom scene overall and feel that all various areas of the multiplayer community would benefit from this mutually.


Thoughts, ideas, opinions - please share them!



Please, let's try and not let this devolve into inter-port drama as it benefits no one. Try and keep it constructive or at least positive!

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For ZDaemon there is Oblacek, I've used it in the past. Not sure what's its current state, I've heard some rumors that it is rather laggy nowadays but haven't checked.

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Really cool to see that such a thing exists. The long term plan is to have a cross-port version of this for Doomshack. Despite the poor grammar it's extremely easy to just make an account and set up the server.

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Oblacek? What a meme, trash cluster hosted with a toaster.


IIRC Jenova (original BE programmer) said he could have the bot working for odamex, so it's likely you could do it without too much trouble.


Also, statistical proofs (when its up) BE/TSPG don't really "keep doom (zan) alive" they just allow a greater choice of wads for people, otherwise server host politics would prevail (bye-bye various complex doom add-on servers) because some server mods/hosts would undoubtedly blacklist mods they don't like. When BE went down and there was no replacement for it, the overall population didn't change very much, and I doubt it would change much if TSPG went down as well. People would find other things to play, just like they always have when some clusters don't host what they want.


The major thing is that a huge amount of dm/ctf players no longer play with any sort of consistency like they did years ago, and nothing you do will change that. Populations with no fresh blood will naturally steadily decline, especially adding port tribalism on top of it.

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Even aside from the popularity issue, I'd still like to have something similar in place for all 3 ports on Doomshack. Regardless of player count, it would still be cool for people to have more options in terms of server hosting. We'll see what happens!


Also, the way Oblacek works is really sweet even if the cluster itself is laggy. A similar method applied to a high-speed cluster would definitely be a good thing.

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