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Is anyone having trouble keeping track of portal and attached surface indices in the UDMF format in the editor?

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I had decided to setup a different tagging system for portals and attached floors in Eternity under UDMF, by using dedicated UDMF fields and separate sets from the classic sector tag. Unfortunately editors like GZDoom Builder lack the visual assistance with this (like they have with tags) and can't even use the find/replace dialog to locate them in the map, because it's very limited in capability. Haven't you - the ones who tried UDMF - had trouble with this? It looks like something needing a GZDoom Builder plug-in.

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@boris, does your plugin have a portal explorer? I saw it in the source code, but couldn't locate it in the editor using your latest release DLL. I'd like this portal explorer to help with the problem in this thread...


Also I think the plug-in needs updating for UDMF as well...


EDIT: I've just tried a compiled HEAD build, I love the docked portal explorer! I think it's not far from having a list of portal IDs which will easily mark the sectors with them set. After that maybe we can submit the DLL so it's automatically included in GZDBBF.

Edited by printz : Added remarks about the compiled build.

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