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Problems with Swinging Doors *SOLVED*

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I've been working on a wad lately and have a pretty tall outdoor sector at the start of one of the maps. there is a cave entrance on the other side, and since the cave entrance leads to another part of a science facility, I decided to use swinging doors. This brings me to the issue istelf; the doors once placed in front of the entrance are extremely tall and no matter what I try, nothing fixes this, even if I lower the ceiling, the doors just clip up through the ceiling although that in itself isn't so much of a problem since the player can't really see that. But the one thing that's stopping me is the presence of large walls and a large building in the sector and so I am hesitant to simply lower the ceiling. I also noticed that the doors open different direction depending on which one I activate. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with this problem or whether it's just something I'll have to deal with and try and work around.


Here are some screenshots of both problems:




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By "swinging doors" I assume you mean polyobject swinging doors. [Also, by one of your screenshots it appears that you are, indeed, using polyobjects.] If so, you probably know a few relevant things:


1. Polyobject doors, like in your example, are "infinitely tall". In other words, they will always be drawn from floor to ceiling, no matter how high the ceiling is.

2. The in-game portion of the polyobject construct (i.e., the part of the construct that you encounter in the playable part of the game) is merely a "projection" of the part of the construct that is nested in the dummy sector outside of playable space. The actual surfaces of the polyobject, in your case, consist of one-sided linedefs - i.e., they enclose void space.

3. When the polyobject door is projected to the playable game space, it takes up the entire volume of the designated space, from floor to ceiling (consistent with void space columns).


What I notice from the screenshots in your editor is that the width of each door exceeds the space within which they can swing in the doorway. In other words, if each door is 128 units wide and the doorway is 64 units deep and 256 units wide, the ends of the doors will always swing past the doorway and intrude into the space in front. From 1 and 3 above, you'll understand why you are having this problem.


To fix it, you must ensure that your door width does not exceed the doorway depth. You might need to move the anchor points closer to the edge of the doorway in order to accommodate the door width.


The doors swinging in the opposite direction than what you intend probably has something to do with the way you've set up your polyobject start lines. If you mirror them properly, and assign the correct polyobject activator special, they will swing in the desired direction.

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