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SMOOTHED PLUS (Doom Retro and Crispy Doom support)

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Hello, I decided to expand my SMOOTHED Dehacked mod which adds smooth animations and alternate deaths to vanilla monsters, while keeping their behaviour unchanged. I am adding monsters and decorations while leaving the vanilla ones unchanged. The new things have new Thing IDs so you will see them only in maps that include them or if you spawn them yourself (for example in Doom Retro's console: spawn 7002)


The new monsters are:


1) Chainsaw Trooper, Thing ID 7001, 30 Health, (same as the Shotgunner) runs up to you and chainsaws you, drops his Chainsaw on death. You can hear his Chainsaw revving while he is active, so you have no excuses if he massacres you.




2) Commando Trooper, Thing ID 7002, 60 Health (same as the Imp), he isn't as useless as the vanilla Zombieman, sometimes he gets feisty and fires in bursts. Still less dangerous than the vanilla Shotgunner.





3) Lord of Heresy, Thing ID 7003, 1000 health (same as the Baron), he fires a few shots in succession, otherwise he is like the Baron. He drops a Fancy Yellow Skull key.




4) Chainsaw Trooper (no drop), Thing ID 7004, this is the same as the Chainsaw Trooper mentioned before, except he doesn't drop anything on death. So you don't have unusable Chainsaws lying around everywhere.


5) Rocket Trooper, Thing ID 7005, 50 health, this guy is more trigger-disciplined than the crazy suicide version seen in Obituary. He actually checks to see if he has line of sight before firing his rocket. No more easy peek-a-booing this guy. But if an enemy is in the path, then KABOOM! Oh, also he aims and fires rockets as long as you remain in sight.



I have no gif at the moment, it's this guy here:




More to come....


Also, I am adding some items/decorations, for now only these


Thing ID 8001: Fancy Yellow Skull key (floating, rotating, fullbright yellow skull key)

Thing ID 8002: ^ Same but Blue skull

Thing ID 8003: ^ Same but Red skull











Vanilla smooth animation credits are as seen in Smooth Doom's credits

New monster sprites taken from Realm667, credits are as seen there

Skull key sprites lifted from CeeJay's 3DGE mod

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