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The Razur

Making a simple mod?


I've recently been trying to figure out modding, simple(?) stuff like sprite replacements, or just swapping some stats around, if anyone can help me I'd appreciate it, thanks!

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Get SLADE3 and create a new wad in it. Learn about namespace markers and lump order. Put custom sprites between sprite markers, lumps like DECORATE outside of any markers, other kinds of lumps into their respective namespaces. Sprite replacements without behavior modification are as easy as giving your custom sprites the same names as the names of the original sprites which you want to replace, open Doom2.wad (or whatever IWAD you're modding for) in SLADE3 to see those. If you use DECORATE (or, for compatibility with non-ZDoom based ports, DEHACKED) for behavior modifications, you can use arbitrarily named custom sprites.

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