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Philosophy of Doom: Participation in game design

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Undoubtedly, the most unique quality about Doom's modding community was the foresight id Software had to make their product inherently "tinkerable." While some variables are hardcoded and others are less accessible than they could have been, it is possible, without much effort, to participate in nearly every aspect of game design through Doom's user-friendly editing tools.


In creating a map, the user determines its architectural layout, aesthetics, objectives, puzzles, combat scenarios and placement of general game elements such as weapons, ammo, power-ups and props. In addition, the ocean of resources at one's disposal makes customizing sound, music, textures, enemies, weapons, etc., a cinch, and one can even get into the coding end of things by scripting events or altering game behavior, owing to the proliferation of advanced source ports.


If we look the modding community for say, GTA5, you'll mostly find reskins, new cars, visual improvements or the occasion model replacement. Crafting a new campaign is either impossible or only doable superficially. Meanwhile, the Minecraft modding community is overflowing with maps that are dramatically contrasted by the diversity of both their design and the way they play. Minecraft's grid-based, low-res look was born more out of necessity than aesthetic, but the way it forces severe restrictions on the part of the modder not only inspires endless creativity, but greatly expands the depth of tinkering that can be achieved. Doom paved the way for such exploration.



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The modding wouldn't be even close to how good it is without the amazing community devs making great effort for decades to support the game. Thanks ID for releasing the source code :).


Edit : How big was Hexen's influence in adding features to doom anyway, It seems bigger the more I compare features between ports and Hexen.

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I've never explored Hexen much (although it does interest me). I'd like to hear more about the Hexen community in comparison to Doom's in terms of size and how people have toyed with its more advanced engine features.

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