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X Duel (WIP) looking for feedbacks

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Hello, I have a project of i started like 3 year ago and i decided to post here, this have 12 sort of map designed to duel and i'm really looking for feedbacks for a proper release candidate, so i hope you guys can enjoy my pack of levels (all work in vannila), maps are medium and big sized so its not all tight to fit to all kind of players, for last notice my maps are not so full of ssg but i may change it if everyone loves it so hard.




Screenshots in this gallery: https://postimg.org/gallery/39tqwzwfg/

4 Screenshots here for who dont want to go in gallery.



Maps Descriptions:

Map01 - This is where all begin my first duel focused map, i took some inspiration in duel32 and then it was the result.

Map02 - Desginated limit map to no textures offsets and no more than 2 flats and textures (whitout counting F_sky) anyway its a very playable arena.

Map03 - This is my tighest map but seens fine for a fast dueling.

Map04 - First map i did using diferent duel estile, the fake walls.

Map05 - A very random designed map, just put greens wall around and i got it.

Map06 - Based on heretic e1m1, i dont think its a good map yet.

Map07 - Big plain map using same restriction of map02, for who like chase and open areas its for it.

Map08 - A clear map whit only weapons around and armor, its bit mazy and medium zised.

Map09 - This map seens  to be my best effort in this pack, whit a very unique theme, has lots of heght variation.

Map10 - Like map06 this map was just not finished yet but playable.

Map11 - Another of my best efforts in duel mapping, this one is limited to 2 textures and flats but the layout is good to shot and run.

Map12 - An arena, i dont used much creativity in this map unfortunately but it still has a balanced layout for fair dueling.


Please help me whit your feedbacks and thanks for reading it, and the reason of the project be named X is not related to my nick name.

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well i dont ever know what to say, if i did something wrong or my english was bad, but for my first topic around here and got this reply well make me a bit more scary of posting things around :( (i was trying to be the most serious possible)

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I'm a sucker for duels. Oldschool, newschool, whatever. I'll carve out some time to play this and report back, hopefully within a few days.

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really like the style in the shots! seems very "classic" doom multiplayer maps to me. I don't play doom multiplayer at all but I'll be taking a look at these nonetheless.

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