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HudMessages - how do you label a printed integer?

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So i'm assigning a hood message to display an integer vairebale in ACS.



(Note i haven't yet added in the parameters for colour, placement etc)


I want the player to know that the static number on display is their Player Level.


Is there an option to print a string of words right next to the integer? (If so how do i do it?). Or will i have to do it the long way by placing a second hudmessage to overshadow the interger on display :(


One more question....



What are the exact coordinates to place a message on upper left and uper right sections of the screen?


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yeah, you can, by using multiple of the s:, i:, etc identifiers separated by commas. In this case, you'd want

HudMessage(s:"Player level: ",i:playerLevel;...);

Of course, depending on your desired formatting, you might need multiple hudmessages in order to render it right.

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22 hours ago, Empyre said:

Oh, you posted twice, presumably by accident. I answered the other one.

Sorry i didn't even realise, thank you for you help as well :)

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