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Are there any good invasion wads?

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I've been looking around for an invasion wad to use in multiplayer. I've searched around on google, yahoo, and other engines, but I just get old ones that apperently don't have a download available anymore. The only one I found was Satan's Covenant, but even then that was unfinished, and had placeholder, or missing textures all over it.

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Stronghold - must play.

Boss battles - is also cool.

Demon Defence - By ChubzDoomer is made to play like COD zombies and is really fun.


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Keep in mind that you'll need to mess around with some form of skulltag_data.pk3 and skulltag_actors.pk3 to get most of these to work - I don't know Satan's Covenant, but I'm guessing that's why it didn't work. I can't get them working in single player, but that's probably because I'm not loading the data.pk3 and actors.pk3 correctly (dragging and dropping on zandronum.exe can be a bit vague when you actually need a specific load order).


Alpha/Delta Invasion is a thing. Kind of old (2006/7), not sure how some of the maps stand up today. I have four maps in alpha and two maps in delta and there's a lot of stuff in them that makes me cringe now.


Zero Invasion is also a thing, but I'm not sure if it was ever finished. You can still take a look at it though - 1 2 3. I never participated in this one, so I don't know anything about it.

Invasion Unleashed is a big project with maps of varying quality. I don't know if it was ever officially released though -  b72 is what I have on my computer, and I have no idea if there's a more recent build. Again, this is from 2006/7 or thereabouts. How do I know? Because I wrote nightrun.mid for my map in it, which I then submitted to plutonia 2 (map16) which was under development at the time :)

Chaos From Hell Invasion is something I have lying around in my doom folder, but I don't think I've ever played it. 1 2 seem to be the most recent builds. Made by Blood, who I'm guessing decided to concentrate more on Complex Doom Invasion.


Ultimate Torment and Torture Invasion is something I also found in my doom folder, but I don't think I've ever played online.


Invasion Unleashed: Evil Within is a project which was started but I believe unfinished. This is the most recent build I can find, but I don't even know if it's playable. It's clear that Blood recycled at least one or two of his maps from this project to use in Complex Doom Invasion, so I'm assuming that means the project died.


Speaking of CD Invasion, you're probably already aware of it (it's reasonably popular on zandronum), but it is an active project still being worked on. I won't link to it because there's a bunch of files and I'm lazy and you can get them off doomseeker. I also have two maps in this, which I am much more proud of than any invasion map I've made in the past.


There's probably other invasion projects that are out there (started and forgotten about, no doubt) but these are the ones I either participated in or I have on my hard drive.


This is not really for multiplayer, but Unknown Invasion is a set of four invasion maps I made back in 2006. They're the first invasion maps I ever made, and among the first serious maps of any type I ever made. If nothing else, you can enjoy the insight into 14-year-old me's brain.


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Thanks for all that, I'll check out what there is. I actually didn't expect a nice list like this.

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