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The Mis-Adventures of Dynamite Episodes 0 and 1

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T H E   M I S - A D V E N T U R E S   O F   D Y N A M I T E


Episode 0: TNT Strikes


This was my very first ever Mega-Wad that I have created that includes custom levels, music, sounds, enemies, weapons, etc...


Personally, looking back I wish I made so many changes as I realised I needed to spend a but more than around 5-6 months (mostly off) working at it.


All in all though its at least complete... if rather iffy...









Episode 1: War on Poneto


Episode 1 certainly improved over Episode 0's flaws. Firstly, the levels are better to play through as well as I expanded the Lore of the universe. Plus, working around the fact that all weapons are on the left (since Dynamite is left-handed) was interesting when it came to map design... Though I didn't utilise it much. WoP was rather stressful to work with since the editor (GZDooM Builder) kept messing with me quite often but I pulled through and I'm proud of the work I made.







DOWNLOAD: (Links straight to folder. Download either episode and/or read-me if you wish =) )



Questions and Answers Section for any questions you may or may not have.


Q1: What source-Port do I need to run episode 0/1?

A1: I'm not sure how many source-ports can handle everything in these wad files however I used GZDooM version 3.0.1 . If your source-port supports 3D floors, scripts

      or other edited files (like textures) then yes, this should run.


Q2: Is every level possible to complete?

A2: If you can't beat a level, let me know but every level in both wads CAN be completed. (tip: In the Cybernetica Dreams Laboratory stage, try PUSHING the giant switches)


Q3: What is the recommended difficulty to play on? And what do the new difficulty names mean?

A3: I personally tested every stage on Hurt Me Plenty difficulty (Medium). And as for the newly named difficulties:

Super = I'm too young to die (Very Easy)

Mega = Hey not to rough (Easy)

Ultra = Hurt me Plenty (Medium)

Hyper = Ultra-Violence (Hard)

Ultimate = NIGHTMARE (Very Hard / why would you even pick this?)


Q4: I found a bug on (***) map! What should I do about it?

A4: If there are any glitches on these maps, PLEASE contact me. I'll happily fix them. Do beware however that some glitches may not be easy for me to fix

(for example: A scripted door that does DOWN. If you press "use" whilst it goes up it'll go up a second time, locking the door. I know about that error but I'm not sure how to fix it.)


Q5: How do I access the secret levels?

A5: If I said they wouldn't be a secret... but if you need a hint: both wad's secret level is in map 15.


Q6: What game do I need to use with this?

A6: I don't think you need a game to load with it normally but if you want to know which DooM engine game I used, look at DooM 2. (This is in case you launch it through SLADE 3)


P.S: Any tips, tricks and other useful advice on map/mod production is always welcome =)

PPS: I'm working on Episode 2 ^_^

Edited by DynamiteKaitorn : Missed adding Screenshots + Added a Q&A

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On 7/24/2017 at 4:49 PM, Breezeep said:

Screenshots? Port compatibility?

Added the screenshots and as for compatibility, there's a reason I added the Read-Me files =P

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2 hours ago, DynamiteKaitorn said:

Added the screenshots and as for compatibility, there's a reason I added the Read-Me files =P

nobody wants to have to download your wad to check for read me files and then read them just to find out the vital information you should have included in your original post friend


Edited by bonnie

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You made something that looks this good and no one played it? Ridiculous. I'll give you some feedback soon, unless reality itself conspires against this project...

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I played through some of the Episode 0! Very interesting and original in general. So much simpler yet so much more complex than an average doom mod! Most people would start their doom modding from level design, level design and level design, in vanilla compatibility. You started with just about everything else, and the result is clumsy but very memorable!


I do have many design suggestions/bug reports about Episode 0:


 - looks like the music takes about 95% of your file size. People are more likely to play mods with lower file sizes. MIDI music is the most popular choice because of its small file size, but if you want to keep oggs/mp3s you can reduce the size by specifying the music you want in MAPINFO instead of having multiple copies. MAPINFO would be very useful for a mod like this one, you could specify your own level names and story text whenever you want, just to name two examples.

 - if you have two directional sprites that are just mirrored versions of each other, you just need to include one. then you can give it a name like PLAYA3A7 and the game will read it as two sprites, normal PLAYA3 and mirrored PLAYA7.

 - some storyline probably exists? Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like so. It would be nice to know it.

 - the first level is way too white. It would be easier for the eyes if the snow was just bright gray.

 - on the other hand, the second level is too dark. That was the whole point, and it was a good idea too, but some areas were too dark to see. Either some amount of non-dynamic light or more dynamic lights would be good.

 - the ice bow is weak and looks like it doesn't do anything (no blood or puffs like the doom guns). That made it look like it's completely broken, and even if it wasn't it would be mostly useless compared to the other weapons. Maybe it could use a strong FastProjectile? Or even a piercing one! ZDoom is full of possiblities.

- the missile launcher spawns the rockets behind the player, which makes them explode instantly if the player has a wall behind them.


So that's just some of my first observations. All in all it's a very craetive mod! And Episode 1 does look better, I'll try that one out too!

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To answer your issues with Episode 0:


1 - This was before I had Audacity. Trust me, Episode 4's Music will be much smaller!


2 - Yes this does make it easier but I mostly do it like that as it helps me keep track of where sprites face (As you probably can tell, Episode 0 had a few errors like that)


3 - Story starts from Episode 1 and I kinda butchered the storyline .-.


4  - Not sure if that's a fault on your end or if it's just that my display doesn't show it nearly as bright... Either way I learnt fast to not blind people XD 


5 - Fun fact! This was originally from a concept I had where the entire level is designed to only have dynamic lights! It didn't work well


6 - The ice bow was literally the second gun I ever made so yeah... I sucked at making it do decent damage XD


7 - I was not aware it spawns BEHIND you... I seriously thought it fires in front since I mostly tried copying the code from the stock launcher from DooM (Also the lack of damage ISN'T an over-sight... Dynamite is immune to explosions... sort-of)


So to summarise your issues... yeah I know FULLY that Episode 0 sucks. Why do you think I bundled Episode 1 with it? XD

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