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MOD tracks are very quiet in some ports?

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I've noticed in some ports that if I have both MIDI and MOD music in a wad, the volume difference is usually really disturbing. Like, I have to increase the volume greatly to hear anything in a map with a MOD song, then I get to intermission and BOOM BOOM BOOM FUCK MY EARS. Is there anything that can be done about this? Either on my side or maybe on the port programmer's side?

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In ZDoom you can set a relative volume per music track through SNDINFO with $musicvolume. There's limitations with system volume clamping to [0..1], though, so this is more suited for turning down loud tracks than turning up quiet ones.


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And to think that in the days of FM synthesis, it was usually the other way around: MOD music (or anything sample-based, really) sounded loud and full, while FM synth MIDI music sounded weak and tinny.

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