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Looking for people willing to make a mapset with me!

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I need people who are willing to help a first-timer make a mapset!


my mapset would be called Project OLX

and the maps would be as follows:


title: project OLX


map01:box o' death


dig site


map03:swamp thang


map04: DOS
millitary base I


map05:terminal disease
millitary base II


map06:hell's bowels
hellhole I


map07:getting dark
hell mansion


I will do map 8


map09: Nazis

chased by nazis


map10:From hell with love
abandon factory I


i will do map11


map12:stolen steel
abandon factory II


prison I


Hellhole II


map15:bent II
Prison II


That's all i have so far and you will all be credited!


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43 minutes ago, Evillus said:

I will do map 8

i will do map11

I'd suggest that you create those 2 maps first, showcase them in these forums, and then ask for help with the other maps.

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