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Has the UAC map glitch been patched yet?

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Looking at my leftover Steam achievements, I have to beat the UAC on ultra-nightmare. I really don't feel like doing that legitimately. I'm also shit at this game. SO, I've watched a ton of videos of people last year getting the trophy by glitching through the map. 


Is this still a thing?

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I was able to jump from the forklift up and out of the map and reach the exit like I saw done before which skips all the actual hard-ish parts, so unless they patched it in the last couple months I think it still works. There is another way too that FunCannon did in SGQD 2017's run which was awesome by the way, worth a watch for sure.

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This speedrunner guy has a whole lot of loopholes for UNM, how to avoid some nasty spots. Also some going-around-stuff in the UAC. Have a look!



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