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How to make a texture like this one

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When it comes to custome textures I don't know where to start and what program to use; basically I want to make a texture like this one, with the same green characters but with the add of the UAC base blue logo that appear in PLANET textures: 




How to do that ?



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Using SLADE3, export the graphic above and the planet logo into png files, edit them in any graphic editing program you have and save the result into a png file, open your wad in SLADE3, make a new lump in it and import the png file into the lump, use "Graphic -> Convert to" on the lump to convert it from png format to "Graphic (Doom)" format, copy TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lumps from Doom2.wad into your wad if there aren't TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lumps in your wad already, and use "Graphic -> Add to TEXTUREx" on the graphic lump.


Alternatively, instead of creating the whole texture in a graphic editor, create just the logo patch, and define a composite texture out of the logo patch and the graphic from your screenshot. Then you'll have to use "Graphic -> Add to patch table" instead of "Add to TEXTUREx", double click TEXTURE1 to open a texture list, and create + edit a new entry in it.


Read about TEXTURE1 and PNAMES.

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42 minutes ago, scifista42 said:

edit them in any graphic editing program you have


Thats my problem, I have Paint; is that an ok program for do that ? 

Second question: how to edit the textures with the above mentioned program ?


Anyway thanks for the answer scifista I dunno if this is now the correct subforum for those editing graphic questions

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Absolutely any graphic editing program that supports png format (or whichever other format that is supported by SLADE3) is OK to do that.


As for editing graphics within SLADE3, the stable version of SLADE3 supports only recoloring graphics, but the latest beta version added drawing and other pixel manipulation tools.

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14 minutes ago, scifista42 said:

Absolutely any graphic editing program that supports png format (or whichever other format that is supported by SLADE3) is OK to do that.

The biggest limitation I've found with working on png format files in MS Paint is its lack of transparency controls. In other words, it does not appear to have a mechanism for designating a particular RGB value as transparent. [XNView is an excellent, free graphics editing utility that allows you to enable transparency. However, it lacks the drawing tools that MS Paint does.]


Paul997 sounds like he needs to combine 2 images, one of which has transparency. MS Paint will not allow superimposing an image with transparent portions onto another image, while still retaining the transparency of the first image. [If the first image is perfectly rectangular, and will not cover up important portions of the second image when superimposed, then MS Paint will work fine. However, he sounds like he will be using a UAC logo with transparent portions. There are tricks that can be used to get around this, namely, simply make the first image rectangular and fill the transparent portions with the colors of the second image. Then superimpose it onto the second image.]

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This could probably be better explained in pictures but I'm away from my desktop right now.


essentially those computer screens are made of three parts.


1. The solid black monitor background

2. Whatever images or text you want on it

3. That little glare on the top left


Its probably one of the easiest textures to make, especially compared to something like MARBFACE or SP_SNAKE or something else that requires actual artistic ability. What exactly are you having trouble with?


The most challenging part is probably the glare in the corner, because the most effective way to do is to use a program such as GIMP or Paint.NET that allows layers and alpha blending. It would be much harder to draw the glare over the image pixel by pixel. To get that gradient look, sometimes what ill do is make a 2x2 sized image in paint that's half black and half white, then upsize the pic in Irfanview to create a quick gradient. You can also rotate the image 45 degrees and crop out a corner to use as the glare, then layer it on top of your computer screen and image using "addition" type blending.


Does that help?

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Thanks for the answers people. I did'nt understand much... I will try to do something with Gimp

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