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Promoting Your Work Effectively

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i'm kind of nervous right now because I'm ready to release a 10 track album soon. Now i've been making music for 10 years now but only ever shared it with people who were close to me. Now? I actually want to make a career out of it, and yes I'm gonna be realistic but also I'm gonna be optimistic about it too. This isn't just about me, I wanna hear what everyone else has done as well.


So here's a broad question: how do you promote your work? how do you promote your music, your videos, your writings, etc and how can you do it effectively? what platforms do you use and how do you find your audience? how do you network with people who only wanna promote their own material without bothering to check yours, and how can you avoid the same mistake? 


For me I've been reading up about this and apparently it might be best for me to contact some blogs that are in my "area" of expertise, or rather blogs with an audience that I know would gravitate toward my product. I also make sure to listen to peoples' music before I even try to pester them with mine, and I always make sure to strike up an actual conversation and try to get to know them better before unleashing my art on them. I've seen too many people who are gung ho about marketing but all they do is spam you with the (ir)relevant info instead of treating you like a human. 


And soundcloud is about to go down, right? So where else can I go?


But I would really like to know how everyone else promotes their art, if you were successful or not and if you can provide us any tips, it would be great. Thanks

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What music are you making? Do you have a target audience? Are there any magazines or webzines you can send promos to that cater to your target audience? Do you beleive enough in your own product to back it 100%? The answer to that last question had better be a big yes if you're planning to make any money out of it. If you start promoting your music by the lines of "excuse me, would you do me a favour and listen to this track? It's not too shabby" - then you are doomed. Ask any PR guy if he/she thinks being modest and humble in promoting your work is a good idea, they will laugh their asses off.


Get a local fan base at first, get them to your shows, and start making merch like shirts and stuff. Book live shows. If you can't, get a manager to do it. You MUST play live if you want to make a living of your own music. Remember that a "record deal" is useless in this day and age as no one buys records. They do however come to shows and buy shirts *if* your band is good.


get your stuff out on bandcamp, sell digital albums at a reasonable price first. See if there is a hope later of selling, like 100 cds or some vinyls, but DON'T press physical product before you see how well your digital sales fare (unless you're making physical promo packages to send to magazines, radio, etc). Upload songs to YouTube even if you don't have a video. Get it out on other digital platforms like Spotify, Tidal, Itunes, Cdbaby - everywhere.

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