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Give me your GZ Doom Compatible DOOM wad, map, and mod recommendations!

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dead.wire is a nice bit of fun. It also has a sequel called dead.air that introduces some neat monster variants, although the very end soured it for me personally.

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On mercredi 26 juillet 2017 at 3:22 AM, Benjogami said:


Not a bad recommendation, but it's specifically not compatible with GZDoom.


Personally for GZDoom I'd suggest ZDCMP2, Demons of Problematique 2, Path Over The Abyss, Redemption of the Slain, Warp House, Putrefier, Eternal Doom IV: Return From Oblivion... If you don't mind deviating from classic Doom themes and gameplay,  there's a bunch of cool TCs to look forward, too, like Paranoid if you like Half Life, or Adventures of Square and Rise of the Wool Ball if you like cartoony graphics. There are also great mods for Heretic, Hexen, and even Strife.


Personally I'd recommend looking for stuff by (in no particular order) Vader, Xaser, Ed Cripps, Stormwalker aka Vordakk, skillsaw, Ribbiks, Khorus, Not Jabba, Tormentor667, esselfortium, ReX, Jimmy... Not necessarily stuff made specifically for GZDoom, either, stuff made for vanilla/limit removing/Boom/MBF should still work just fine in GZDoom.

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D4T is a cool streamlined D4 mod that doesn't need the latest GZDoom.

I read the title with Arnold Schwarzeneger voice in my head lol

I can see why XD

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2 hours ago, Gez said:

Personally I'd recommend looking for stuff by (in no particular order) ....

A modder who does very unconventional (and innovative) stuff is Enjay. Many of the things he's done are specifically for GZDooM.

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Shadows of The Nightmare Realm is a recent GZDoom mod that makes excellent use of non-traditional features while staying relatively close to the essence of Doom.


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