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Experiencing Nirvana and Back to Nirvana X demos [both -complevel 9]

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enirvana map 08 no inputs 0:01.80 , i didnt know if  should have posted here or in personal best , but i saw that ancalagon posted his after 4shockblast and kraflab so i posted here aswell


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For Experiencing Nirvana


Map01 Stroller in 0:01 en01str169.zip

Map02 UV Pacifist in 0:25 en02p025.zip

Map03 Stroller in 0:03 en03str357.zip

Map07 Stroller in 0:07 en07str383.zip

Map07 NoMo in 0:01 en07o114.zip

Map15 NoMo in 0:02 en15o237.zip

Map18 Stroller in 0:08 en18str820.zip

Map18 NoMo in 0:02 en18o280.zip

Map20 Stroller in 0:10 en20str010.zip

Map20 NoMo in 0:02 en20o283.zip

Map22 NoMo in 0:37 en22o037.zip

Map24 NoMo in 0:07 en24o729.zip

Map29 Stroller in 0:02 en29str234.zip

Map31 NoMo in 0:39 en31o039.zip

Map32 NoMo in 0:02 en32o217.zip

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