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Naked Snake


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Bah I was bored and reading the Eternity site so I decided to "improve" the story a bit...

One year ago the Hellspawn had attack Earth. Earth was destroyed, once it stood in greatness, a testament to the willpower of mankind over thousands of years, all crumbled to ruins and debris in a single week. You had arrived on Earth from Hell itself, you fought your way through it, slaughtering everything standing in your path. Yes, it has been a whole year since you singlehandedly re-entered Hell and kill the Baphomet, its hideous face splattered across Hell's surface. A whole year hiding away in your lavish mansion, hiding away from the public and trying to escape your memories...

You were sleeping in your bed, warm and confortable, oblivious to the cold outside as the snow continued to fall. A sharp electronic warble awoke you from your slumber, it beckoned you out of bed. The vid-phone the military had installed in your room (there were more throughout the house) was ringing and soon you answered it.
"Sir, we need you here quickly, it is very urgent. I cannot tell you anymore, because this line isn't secure. The vehicle should be there any moment to pick you up" the scientist on the other end of the phone informed you then promptly hung up before you could get a word out. You looked out into the drive to see a large bus pulling up. A camoflauge bus was not something you saw everyday. But this was no regular bus. Machine gun turrets mouted on top, anti-aircraft missiles on its top too, miniguns on the front and back of the vehicle, as well as armed soldiers aiming out the window. There were other things, like a radar sat and a de-stab station on the top of this military double decker bus. You snatch up your pistol and brass knuckles and rush outside to the bus, ready to hear some horrible news...

"Sir, would you like anything?" a stern M.P. asked. You simply shook your head no and went back to reading the file.

Page 01 : The T.T.R.F. (Terran Temporal Research Facility) documentation on Space-Time Flux.

This device, the Space-Time Fluxuation Device is a remarkable discovery. It was created about 2 months before the invasion, though it had not been field tested until after the great Hell War. This reseach, co-conducted by the Union Aerospace Corporation, shows that there is a way to travel not only through space at astounding speeds but to travel through time as well.

The thing went on about how the device worked, but you read only what you could understand. Eventually you put down the file, leaned back and dozed off for a few hours. Sleep was sacrament...

You arrived at the Union Aerospace Terran Temporal Research Facility 3 hours after you went to sleep. The same M.P. that had asked you if you wanted anything suddenly jerked you up, shook the hell out of you and said "we're here Sir". You were still groggy as you walked down the hall to the Research Lab 07. A guard was about to stop you when he reconized you, he suddenly looked like he had seen Jesus himself as he saluted you and let you by with no interuption. The door slid open with a hiss and you entered. Scientists were moving about the room, doing various things, mixing chemicals, writing stuff down, talking into voice recorders, the such. A scientist approached you with a grim look on his face. He stopped in front of you and started to speak.

"Sir, we have discovered that...well..." he sighed and continued "the Hellspawn may have discovered how to "tap" our temporal gates through Hellish magic, and frankly we don't think they're up to good...". You nodded and he started up again "We believe that they may be traveling through Earth's history in order to alter the future.". You couldn't find words to speak because the anger rose up so fast it consumed you...

About 30 minutes later they had set up a temporal gate to send you back to the last "interuption" to investigate. To bad you didn't have anything heavier than a pistol and your brass knuckles. You sucked in a deep breath and jumped through the gate, knowing that if you failed you would alter mankind's ETERNITY.

What do you think?

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You've come a long way in terms of writing skill. I'm impressed! The problem with each story you write, however is length: They're all too damn short! I think it's time you started on something of a grander scale...you certainly have the skills...

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Tek said:

You've come a long way in terms of writing skill. I'm impressed! The problem with each story you write, however is length: They're all too damn short! I think it's time you started on something of a grander scale...you certainly have the skills...

Why thank you Tek, I will work on something bigger...just don't know what ATM.

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I noticed that there were some spelling mistakes, but other than that, very very good, BBG! :)

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