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How do i change skies?


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If you want vanilla compatibility, either replace RSKY* patches with custom graphics (for skies of the same size as the originals), or edit SKY* entries inside TEXTURE1 (this allows resizing skies as well). If you want Boom compatibility, you can also use sky transfer linedef specials to assign arbitrary textures as skies to tagged sectors. If you want ZDoom compatibility, define a MAPINFO entry for the map and set its sky property.

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Ok. So it depends on the port this is for. Most advanced ports have some feature to redefine a map's sky, but if the map is supposed to be Boom compatible you have to use the sky transfer linedef types 271 or 272. For these you need one for each tag that gets used in a sky sector.



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You need to give more information about what you are trying to do. Change the sky after a certain action in the map?



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