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Pretzel Burp: A Garbage Doom Wad

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Are you absolutely addicted to digital garbage and want to shoot Nicolas Cage in the face?  Are you a crazy right-winger that enjoys reading up on batshit insane conspiracy theories revolving around aliens and Jews?  Do you want a wad that is so mediocre in terms of meeting your expectations that you want to just vomit all over the screen out of how sickening the quality of the wad is?  Do you only play games on Steam that will probably remain in the alpha stages of development for eternity?  Do you have bad taste when it comes to garbage-quality memes?


Then this wad is for you!


So far, only the first episode has been made, which is composed of five levels.  This wad is for Doom II and tested with GZDoom.  It may not be compatible with other sourceports, especially ones that are not based on ZDoom.  I'm not sure if I'll be burned at the stake for being a witch who publishes Doom wads that are only compatible with ZDoom-based sourceports, but oh well.




Also, outside of the shit-tier memes, this wad is not like the typical Terrywad.  This wad is actually playable and doesn't include earrape.  If anything, it's dumb and cringy.  Hell, the third map almost has no memes or other garbage (unless if you decide to look at the map while playing that specific level)


Q: When will the next episode come out?

A: After Half-Life 3 is released.  In other words, it will probably never come out.  Consider your Christmas cancelled.


Q: Why is this wad over 17 megabytes?

A: I dunno, I think I made too many sprites for the Belgian prisoners


Q: Belgian prisoners?

A: Shhhhh


Q: Why didn't you make more monsters for this wad?

A: Because.








Q: About the boss...who is that guy?

A: His name is Norm, and he was a character on the sitcom known as Cheers.




Q: I'm not going to bother looking at the map for the third level.  What's odd about it?

A: I'm still not telling you.  It's too NSFW to mention here...remember, this is a Christian website and there are children here...




Q: If part of the plot involves Doomguy fighting against normie memes, why does this wad encourage normie memes at the same time?

A: Because I'm lazy and normie memes require less effort to implement into this kind of wad.  Also, it's probably going to age badly anyways.





Edited by (this user does not exist) : Added Screenshots

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ah excellent, a bunch of boxes with little attention to geometry or design with sprite replacements to get le funny reactions

ah well keep on doin' whatever youre doin

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