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ZokumBSP Beginner's Guide

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Not too long ago @zokum stealthily released his own modified version of Zennode, named ZokumBSP naturally. He's done a lot of work regarding the creation and optimization of the blockmap with some impressive results (depending on the wad processed). In my own testing so far, I've seen blockmaps reduced anywhere from 2%-21% depending on the options used, although most maps get about a 14-15% reduction. Remember this is vanilla compatible and in some cases even retains demo replayability!


But it's no secret that the commandline argument syntax inherited from Zennode can be a bit hard to swallow. So I've tried to write something up from a dumb mapper's perspective on how to get this thing chewing on your data:


ZokumBSP Beginner's Guide


The guide and the tool are both works in progress so please report any issues.


P.S. he has also very recently published an extensive manpage which explains what the various options do in more detail - zokumbsp.txt

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Good stuff! @moderators: Maybe this should be in the Editing Tutorials subforum?

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