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ZDS #517 - Base Invaders II The Ancient Curse

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Hello ZDaemon Sessions Survival People,
After the invasion of Earth was Thwarted by Bleah the Legions of Hellspawn soon realised that they had no way of getting
back to hell and decided to entrench themselves in several locations and wreak as much havoc as possible. Now with a very
real chance of a second invasion of earth by Hellspawn the finest squad of Marines Earth can boaster has been ordered to
proceed to several important locations that have recently gone silent where monsters are suspected to be lurking most
importantly a few monster spawners are were supposedly left behind along with the other monsters...
Time to play Base Invaders II The Ancient Curse this weekend!




Game Mode: Survival
IWAD: doom2.wad (or freedoom)
PWAD: baseinvadersiiancientcurse2
Wad url: http://doom.dogsoft.net/getwad.php?search=%s
Maps: 01-40
DMFLAGS: 344248 / 1179714 / 0
Players: 20 + 20 spect slots
Skill: 3 // Ultra violence
Maxlives: 3



Date: Saturday 29th July 2017
Time: 19:30 GMT

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