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Weird OpenGL problems, please help!

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So the OPENGL Render is Zandronum and GZDoom use to work perfectly, just fine up until i updated my Windows 10 a regular ol update (Like the Ones that require a simple computer restartand ever since then there are just some odd problems.


One for such is that OpenGL (GLBoom, GZDoom 2.3.2 or above, Zandronum) ports lag like crazy. GZDoom Just lags constantly all through the menu and such, Zandronum doesnt lag until i use the ability to mouselook and just any slight vision turn comes with 1 fps lag strike no matter what. And GLBoom just doesnt run smoothly at all. And weird enough, All these ports worked just fine in either render (I use to use this laptop all the time, until i got my new computer) Zandronum 2.1.2 and 3.0 suffer from the Zadnro problem i stated above, though work perfect in software mode. Strangely enough, GZDoom 2.11 and GZDoom 2.2 dont suffer any weird lag or things despite that they run open GL  (Only real issue ive seen is problems loading default skies that arnt from doom 2 in gzdoom builder play testing, (ex: E3 sky doesnt show up when i test my e3m8 map)). Its really killing me because I want to take this laptop where my desktop cannot go and these problems are pissing me off. I Do own an intel intergrated processor in this laptop which is one hing thats bad, but if that were the case, why didnt affect me back then? and when i updated to windows 10? why is it in this recent update that it decides to screw things over? ive tried updating my intel driver to the most recent, ill try going into display drivers in the windows menu to update. Please man, I hate software warping so much. Any suggestions? from basic to complex please help, I have an intel HD Graphics 4000 in my laptop

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I think your Intel drivers don't play well with the new Win10 update. You will either update your drivers or uninstall the update that caused trouble.


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