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Gameception (mobile PrBoom+ on iOS) warning that it will not work on newer iOS

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I get a warning when I start Gameception that the app needs an update from its author, because otherwise it will no longer work on newer versions of iOS. Someone told me it's because the app is 32-bit, and iOS is phasing out support. Does the app have any chance of update? I'm going to ask the author about it too.


EDIT: it appears that Gameception is open source (as it should be). I'll see if I can compile it on my own iPad (obviously I can, but mainly want to do so without "debug").

Edited by printz : Added mention about open source salvation

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29 minutes ago, printz said:

Does the app have any chance of update?


I doubt it. This source port has certain major rendering issues (cannot render properly skies for tnt.wad and plutonia.wad, nor sky textures on the floor [dtwid-le.wad E4M8 is ideal to reproduce this bug]) and the author did not bother to fix them.

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Beloko has an experimental GZDoom port for iOS. We can wait and see if that gets released.

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alguien tiene el GZDoom port for iOS? solo juego Gameception pero no carga pk3 y los controles no son buenos...


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What? Has someone made a GZDoom port to iOS? Also what is this about GameCeption controls being bad? Could they be better?


Edit: silly me, the post is above yours.


And I see in the screenshot that they're eccentric.

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