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Sin Factory. A journey to the center of an evil production plant.

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A secret undercover demonic facility was discovered in the heart of the Nevada desert. Your task is to infiltrate the facility and deactivate the sin generator.


Map format: UDMF

Tested in: zdoom gzdoom


This is my second map project. All feedback is appreciated. Music is original.


Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lvwjsxjf76oyavg/sin factory.wad?dl=0








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Thanks for the map, I had fun playing it through on UV. I'm not a fast player and it took me over an hour to complete it with max kills, items and secrets. Some of the secrets were quite tricky, the toxic waste secret in particular.


Given the large size of the map, I found the enemy density to be a little sparse, but after playing several slaughter maps recently I found this to be a breath of fresh air. The traps were fairly easy to manage. Doom veterans may find this map a bit on the easy side but I'm sure many will be satisfied with the difficulty.


While I liked the non linearity of the map, backtracking was difficult or impossible in some cases and it was frustrating to have to travel all the way back to the start or back to the exit area to redo a section. A two way teleporter between the starting area and the exit area would be helpful (only unlocked after the player has found their way to the exit the first time).


The first time I revisited the start I was greeted with 2 cyberdemons stomping around below where I was to drop down. I needed to take a running jump over their heads and quickly run out of the corner area to avoid instant death. If intentional then fine, if not then confine the cybers to where you want them to be. It may be an awkward spot for some players.


I did see a minor HOM at one point but unfortunately I don't recall exactly where and which direction I was looking.


Congratulations on a fun map.


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