When posting a WAD or Mod in this forum, it's crucial to provide context. Don't expect people to download unless they know what they're getting into! Here are a couple of checklists that, when followed, will end complaints about the what-ifs and get that vital feedback loop up and running immediately.   Strongly recommended: Screenshots, screenshots, screenshots. Even two or three will do wonders in attracting attention. What port(s) did you test with? Nevermind if it's supposed to be vanilla or limit-removing or Boom-compatible, if you tested in GZDoom then you write that. What map format did you use? Common map formats include Doom/Doom2 format (aka Vanilla or limit-removing), Boom format, UDMF, and Doom in Hexen. For advanced ports (e.g., GZDoom) does your map/mod expect any of the following: Freelook? Jumping/crouching? Specific compatibility settings? Software or hardware rendering? If your file's meant to work in simpler ports (e.g., PrBoom+) and you're unsure, then you can probably disregard these. Which IWAD did you use? The assumed IWAD is Doom II, but if you used Ultimate Doom or TNT or Plutonia then please mention it. Mapsets are assumed to start on MAP01 (or E1M1 for Doom1 maps) and play continuously until reaching an unedited map. If one of these isn't true, explain exactly which maps are in your set so players don't have to hunt around. When you post updates, update your file in the opening post. Go ahead and make a new post to bring attention to the thread, but point people back to the opening post so that everyone downloads the most recent version.   Other suggestions: How much content is there? For maps: Is it a single level, a full 32, or something in between? For mods: Are there new textures? Enemies? Weapons? Gameplay features? If your file is supposed to follow a certain limitation, like vanilla or Boom, that is probably worth including: just don't write it instead of which ports were tested. Does your map contain specific gameplay themes? Maybe it's a sandbox/city map, or a slaughtermap, or it's puzzle-oriented, or it's run-and-gun. If you don't know these terms, don't worry about it. Roughly how difficult is the gameplay? Mention if map difficulties are implemented; compare to Doom1/Doom2, Plutonia, or some other well-known sets (e.g., Scythe, Alien Vendetta, Valiant).   Thanks for reading!   Changelog: