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[Palette] Orange color graduation

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As some of you know, I'm currently working on a new community project, using mainly the colors orange, brown and black. But I'm at a dead end, the orange color doesn't have a good graduation, between the orange, and the dark brown :




I already use a palette which modifies slightly some orange/red colors, but the brown colors are more delicate in them modified. I would like to preserve the other colors (pink, red for the flesh, and blue, green colors...).


Here is a wad which contains some textures and a palette : http://www.mediafire.com/file/kmxapv2ifm1425c/map-test_color_tn.wad

If somebody can help me to make a better palette or colormap than this, it'd be really nice :)


I rapidly made a screen modified on Photoshop, to give an idea of what I wish (but darker) :



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That photoshop'd screen looks more like dull sickly fog than darkness fade- something along the lines of how BTSX worked might be favourable- going to a red-ish tint rather than brown.

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I did a bit of work on a better colour palette last year. It should give you a better orange gradient at least:



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