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This one is for you, dad!

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I haven't been at the forum lately for a pretty shitty reason.

My dad died on the 11th of July at home, and afterwards I was living at my mother's. I was there and I saw everything. I guess the purpose of this thread is to let you know I'm pushing forward on my Doom2 thing, it's going to be a themed deathmatch map pack with corresponding textures from Doom2, and same sector dimensions etc..., John Carmack never told me I couldn't still do the levels, and my dad really wanted to see it done. REGARDLESS of what Id's standing is on it, I am still going to do it, and still am going to release it online. The map pack is part of a themed league deathmatch "mod" if you will which combines elements from many different games into a big deathmatch arena. I have started texturing for some of these games and Doom2 is the first on my list.

Anyway for all of those who have my AIM and wonder if I have blocked anyone, I HAVEN'T so don't worry I just got the net out here (ADSL 128 K) and my old ATX power supply fried out the day after my dad died so I know I have shitty luck... But I got a kickass Antec KS-282 now :)

Wish me luck, tell me what you think.


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RG: what a personal commentary.

Person1: blah blah blah blah.
Person2: Ditto.


I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. Hope atleast you get tht project done.

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Heart felt sympathy and Good Luck with the levels, a fitting tribute to your Dad.Let us know when it's done.:)

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If anyone wants to get ahold of what I have so far, please let me know. (Includes a wadfile exclusively made for the Doom2 textures, patches directly exported from WinTex and imported from Wally)

I also didn't specify it was for Half-Life (Oops heh).

Yeah my dad always thought I was good at making levels so after he died I said, "Fuck it I'm still doing it."

Meh, sorry this isn't a place for venting my own personal problems but I think it's a good backdrop to start my project on.

My dad was a damn good guy and I'll miss him, he was too young to go (only 52)

/Me goes back to listening to Rob D's Clubbed to Death

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